Call for Papers

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 ISCA 2013
The 40th Annual International Symposium
on Computer Architecture
Tel Aviv, Israel
June 23–27, 2013
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The International Symposium on Computer Architecture is the premier forum for new ideas and experimental results in computer architecture. Particularly forward-looking and novel papers are especially appreciated. Papers are solicited on a broad range of topics, including (but not limited to):

- Processor, memory, and storage systems architecture
- Parallel and multi-core systems
- Interconnection networks
- Instruction, thread, and data-level parallelism
- Dependable architectures
- Architectural support for programming productivity
- Architectures for security and virtualization
- Power and energy efficient architectures
- Application specific, reconfigurable, and embedded architectures
- Network processor and router architectures
- Architectures for emerging technologies and applications
- Effect of circuits and technology on architecture
- Architecture modeling and simulation methodology
- Performance evaluation and measurement of real systems
- Data-center scale computing
- Handheld and mobile devices


Abstract Deadline: November 14th, 2012, 11:59 PM EST
Final Paper Deadline: November 21st, 2012, 11:59 PM EST
Rebuttal Period: February 11th-14th, 2013
Author Notification: March 6th, 2013 

General Chair
     Avi Mendelson
     Technion and Microsoft
 Program Chair
     Margaret Martonosi
     Princeton University
Steering Committee
      Doug Burger, Microsoft

     Joel Emer, Intel
     Antonio Gonzalez, Intel/UPC
     Ravi Iyer, Intel
     David Kaeli, Northeastern Univ.
     Steve Keckler, NVIDIA/U. Texas
     Shih-Lien Lu, Intel
     Yale Patt, U. Texas
     Josep Torrellas, U. Illinois
     David Wood, U. Wisconsin
     Qing Yang, U. Rhode Island
Program Committee
     Tor Aamodt, Univ. of British Columbia / Stanford Univ.
     Sarita Adve, Univ. of Illinois
     Arvind, MIT
     Christopher Batten, Cornell Univ.
     Ramon Canal, UPC
     Joel Emer, Intel/MIT
     Babak Falsafi, EPFL
     Paolo Faraboschi, Hewlett-Packard
     Yunsi Fei, Northeastern Univ.
     Erik Hagersten, Uppsala Univ.
     Hillery Hunter, IBM Research
     Janie Irwin, Penn State
     Canturk Isci, IBM Research
     Natalie Enright Jerger, Univ. of Toronto
     Steve Keckler, NVIDIA/Univ. of Texas
     Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford Univ.
     Brucek Khailany, NVIDIA
     John Kim, KAIST
     Ruby Lee, Princeton Univ.
     Mikko Lipasti, Univ. of Wisconsin
     Gabriel Loh, AMD Research
     Debbie Marr, Intel Corp.
     Jaime Moreno, IBM Research.
     Emre Ozer, ARM
     Dave Patterson, Univ. of California, Berkeley
     Milos Prvulovic, Georgia Tech
     Steve Reinhardt, AMD Research
     Ronny Ronen, Intel Corp.
     Valentina Salapura, IBM Research
     Karu Sankaralingam, Univ. of Wisconsin
     Yiannakis Sazeides, Univ. of Cyprus
     Simha Sethumadhavan, Columbia Univ.
     Li Shang, Intel Corp.
     Jim Smith, Univ. of Wisconsin
     Daniel Sorin, Duke Univ.
     Karin Strauss, Microsoft Research/Univ. of Washington
     Josep Torrellas, Univ. of Illinois
     Thomas F. Wenisch, Univ. of Michigan