Tutorials and Workshops

Tutorials (4 half-day events)

T1: Architecture and Implementation of the Load-Reducing DIMM (LRDIMM)
T2: Multi-domain Processors: Challenges, Design Methods, and Recent Developments
T3: Design Variability: Trends, Models, and Design Solutions
T4: Architectural Aspects of Deriving Performance Guarantees

Workshops (7 full-day events)

FW1: Workshop on Technology-Architecture Interaction: Emerging Technologies and their Impact on Comp. Architecture
FW2: WIOSCA: 6th Annual Workshop on the Interaction between Operating System and Computer Architecture
FW3: IFMT'10: 2nd International Forum on Next Generation Multicore/Manycore Technologies
FW4: EAMA 2010: 3rd Workshop on Emerging Applications and Many-core Architecture
FW5: WEED: 2nd Workshop on Energy Efficient Design
FW6: PESPMA: 3rd Workshop on Parallel Execution of Sequential Programs on Multi-core Architectures
FW7: EMT: 2nd Workshop on Emerging Memory Technologies

Workshops (6 half-day events)

HW1: AMAS-BT: 3rd Workshop on Architectural and Micro-Architectural Support for Binary Translation
HW2: WARP: 5th Workshop on Architectural Research Prototyping
HW3: A4MMC: 1st Workshop on Applications for Multi and Many Core Processors: Analysis, Implementation,and Performance
HW4: ACLD: 2nd Workshop on Architectural Concerns in Large Datacenters
HW5: JWAC: 1st JILP Workshop on Computer Architecture Competitions: Cache Replacement Championship
HW6: MoBS-6: Sixth Workshop on Modeling, Benchmarking and Simulation


Saturday 19.6.2010

morning FW1 FW2 FW3 HW1 HW2 HW3
afternoon HW4 T1 T2

Sunday 20.6.2010

morning FW4 FW5 FW6 FW7 T3 T4
afternoon HW5 HW6